School Safety Measures

February 22, 2018

Dear Central Fulton Families,

The tragedy that occurred last week in Parkland, Florida has left us all shaken and
saddened. The Central Fulton School District joins with the Nation, the friends and
families who lost loved ones, and the Parkland Community in expressing our sympathy
and support.

In these troubled times, school districts in the immediate area and across the nation are experiencing an alarming number of “copycat” events that have elevated the concern for student safety.  Please know that the District strives to be proactive in its safety initiatives so as
to ensure a safe learning environment for our students.  Here are a few of the preventative measures we currently have in place:

  • All exterior doors are locked at all times during the school day.
  • Guest must be buzzed into the building offices and are screened prior to entry into other areas of our buildings.  Visitors must sign in and wear visible badges in order for us to easily identify those who are cleared to be in our buildings.
  • Key personnel have two-way radios for quick communication and carry them at all times.
  • PA State Police and the local Fire Department have recent maps of our buildings.
  • Practice drills are scheduled periodically throughout the school year.
  • Teachers take student attendance rosters with them when emergencies arise or drills are held.  All missing students are reported immediately.  

The District also has an active Student Assistance Program (SAP) to help us target any at-risk behavior of our students.  We are involved in conversations with other community agencies to help us work with students who reveal at-risk behaviors.  

As we continue to review and revise our approach to keeping our students safe and secure,   we ask that all families and community members join us to reassure our
students that the District is committed to protecting our students.  We strive to maintain a safe
learning environment through planning, preparation, and vigilance.  An equally important
safety measure is the self-reporting by students, parents and community members of potential
threats or comments and behaviors of concern stated, observed or posted on social media.  We thank you for your part in this process as well.

As you speak with your children, remind them of the availability of school staff and the
importance of reporting disturbing and/or threatening comments or behavior as soon as
possible.  We promise to do our best to ensure your child’s safety at school!


Michelle D. Hall, Ed. D. 
Central Fulton School District

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