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  • Alert: We have compiled a list of questions and answers around the COVID-19 closure. Please check the COVID-19 FAQ page in the "Quick Links" button below for updated information.
  • School Closings/Delays:

    The Governor has extended the school closure through April 6th.  Teachers will return on April 7 and 8 to prepare for students on April 9th.  If this changes, we will keep you informed. 

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Building & Grounds

photo of Brent Seville
Brent Seville
Building & Grounds Director


Maintenance Department Staff:

Brent Seville,
Director of Building and Grounds
Victor Guyer, 
District Maintenance    
Mike Shaw, 
District Maintenance


Metz Custodial Staff:

Rhonda Feagley, 
District Custodian Supervisor   
Richard Crouse, 
HS/MS Custodian
Jeff DeShong, 
District Custodian
Jessica Knepper, 
Elementary Custodian
Curtis Mellott, 
Elem and HS/MS Custodian
Lorraine Mellott, 
HS/MS Custodian
Melanie Brady,
HS/MS Custodian
Justin Schooley, 
District Custodian


Maintenance Departments Area of Responsibility

 The areas of responsibility include: 

  • Maintenance of building systems including electricity, plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, roofing, flooring, wall surfaces, exterior surfaces, security cameras and locking systems
  • Grounds keeping including lawn mowing, athletic field maintenance and preparation, landscaping, parking lot maintenance, snow removal and all servicing of equipment 
  • Delivery and storage of supplies and equipment

The maintenance department maintains: 

  • One elementary school building consisting of 89,022 square feet.  The elementary school has been renovated in 1953, 1989, 1993, and 2016. 
  • One middle/high school building consisting of 127,798 square feet.  The middle/high school has been renovated in 1959, 1976 & 2002. 
  • A total of 36.43 acres of school district property.



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  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)