Building & Grounds

It is the mission of the Central Fulton School District maintenance department to provide each student and staff member with a warm, clean, safe and efficient physical environment.


Maintenance Department Staff:
Brent Seville,
Director of Building and Grounds
Victor Guyer, 
District Maintenance    
Mike Shaw, 
District Maintenance

Metz Custodial Staff:
Rhonda Feagley, 
District Custodian Supervisor   
Richard Crouse, 
HS/MS Custodian
Jeff DeShong, 
District Custodian
Chris Martz, 
Elementary Custodian
Curtis Mellott, 
HS/MS Custodian
Lorraine Mellott, 
HS/MS Custodian
Megin Feagley
HS/MS Custodian
Justin Schooley, 
District Custodian

Maintenance Departments Area of Responsibility
 The areas of responsibility include: 
  • Maintenance of building systems including electricity, plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, roofing, flooring, wall surfaces, exterior surfaces, security cameras and locking systems
  • Grounds keeping including lawn mowing, athletic field maintenance and preparation, landscaping, parking lot maintenance, snow removal and all servicing of equipment 
  • Delivery and storage of supplies and equipment
The maintenance department maintains: 
  • One elementary school building consisting of 89,022 square feet.  The elementary school has been renovated in 1953, 1989 & 1993. 
  • One middle/high school building consisting of 127,798 square feet.  The middle/high school has been renovated in 1959, 1976 & 2002. 
  • A total of 36.43 acres of school district property. 

Integrated Pest Management

Right to Know
Right to Know manuals are updated every year by Generations Environmental Consulting, LLC. The manuals are housed in the nurse's office of each building and also in the Director of Building Ground's Office. Click here for more information on the Pennsylvania Worker and Community Right to Know Act.