Central Fulton School District has recently made significant investments in our technology infrastructure.  In the fall of 2011, CFSD made the transition from physical servers to a fully virtualized environment. All servers are now hosted in a Hyper-V environment with an 8TB SAN providing VM storage. We also have a 16TB SAN that is used exclusively for file sharing/storage. Faculty, students, and staff all have a secure network folder on which to store information.

In the spring of 2012, email services were migrated to Google Apps for Education. Not only were teachers and staff given access, all students (6th grade and older) were given email and cloud storage accounts. Google Apps has made a very positive impact on students as they can now complete assignments on Google Docs from any Internet-connected computer, whether at school, home, or another public place. The collaboration tools offered in Google Apps have helped both teachers and students be more connected and achieve better results.

In July 2012, a new network was installed. This consisted of a new network core switch, edge switches, and wireless access points and a controller. New fiber was also installed to allow 10Gb communication between the core switch and the edge switch closets. The new wireless system allows multiple SSIDs to be broadcast throughout the District, enhancing security and system availability. A teacher or student can now roam from one building to another and maintain communication.

Central Fulton maintains a 100MB connection to a wide-area network (WAN).  50MB of this connection is allocated for our "consumer" Internet connection.  We are able to utilize the full 100MB capacity to connect to "Internet 2" resources provided through PAIUNet, MAGPI, and a host of other providers.  This connection allows us to video conference in high-definition with other schools and civic organizations.

New computers were purchased in September 2012 for all teachers and staff. Based on Intel's i5 technology, these computers are a significant improvement over the aging systems they replaced. Some teachers were using 8 year old computers, and the result was a lot of frustration. It is our belief that the new computers will enhance delivery of educational content to the students, and allow greater efficiency with back-office tasks.

Student machines are aging, with some machines in the elementary school still running Apple's PowerPC chip, which has been obsolete for quite some time. The aging student computers are our biggest weakness. We currently are planning to replace these aging machines over the next few years.

In January 2013, Central Fulton began to transition from our existing student information systems (CSIU, SchoolBook, and Food Server Solutions) to a new system called Skyward.  We are excited about this transition, so keep watch for more information as the project progresses.

Jason Carbaugh, Technology Director
717-485-7014    Direct Fax:  717-485-7015

Crystal Glee, Computer Networking/Repair Instructor, Technician