Approved Reopening Plans

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Hello Everyone,

The board has adopted our Health and Safety Plan for reopening school. It is important to note that the plans are not carved in stone because day by day we continually get directives from the  state. I would suggest to you that putting these plans together to ensure we are covering all directives from the state is trying at best.

The plans that have been adopted are now posted below for review. I fully realize there will be problems to solve as we move forward. The most controversial issue for us is the wearing of masks and face shields. Some individuals want everyone to wear face covers while other individuals do not want to wear face covers. It is important to note that with the most recent guidelines, we must follow state regulations stating that face coverings are required outside and inside if you cannot socially distance of up to six feet. We have worked very hard in the schools to ensure there are times during the day that students will be able to social distance which means mask will not have to be worn at that time. 

The major issue that will cause us the biggest headache is that of transportation. Due to the size of the district we are not able to make multiple runs with busses in order to social distance on the busses. If we were to social distance on a bus, we would only be able to transport twelve students per bus according to state guidelines. This is something that would be completely unaffordable to the district to operate that many buses or make that many multiple runs. Therefore, we must insist that students who ride busses or vans must wear a mask or face shields. Students choosing not to wear a mask or face shields will not be permitted on a bus or van. Please refer to the transportation plan which was board approved and posted on our website.

If your child has a medical condition that does not permit him or her to wear a face mask or face shield, you will need to submit documentation from a doctor. Students should always carry medical documentation with them after it has been presented at the office and copied. We greatly appreciate the parents that are providing assistance with the transportation by dropping off and picking up their students at school. Many thanks to everyone for their assistance and patience in these unprecedented times.

H P Hann


Final Plans:

Instructional Plan

Health Plan

Transportation Plan

Cafeteria Plan

Classroom Plan

Gym, Hallway, Auditorium, Large Group Plan

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