Superintendent's Message

Dr. Michelle D. Hall joined the Central Fulton School District as Superintendent in 2017.

Dr. Hall has received the following evaluations:
2017 - 2018 School Year - Satisfactory
2018 - 2019 school year - Satisfactory


Welcome Back, VIPs!

It’s going to be another great year of BOLD MOVES!

Be a Bucket Filler!


The field of positive psychology tells us that learning relies heavily on our social and emotional well-being.  Therefore, we can’t ignore its impact on student learning. 

Imagine every person is a bucket, which represents each person’s emotional and mental health. A full bucket represents your foundation, the basic needs to learn and work. Your bucket is constantly being filled by your feelings of confidence or emptied by negativity. A full bucket means you are ready to go! An empty bucket indicates you need a little help.


How Full is Your Bucket?  Is it half full, half empty, overflowing, or bone dry? Just as important to ask, how full are our children’s buckets?   Let’s prepare to have a year of bucket filling so that everyone’s buckets runneth over!


Along with our bucket-filling adventure, we will continue to focus on school safety by…

  • Adding go-kits (emergency kits for our classrooms)

  • Adding new signage to instill a welcoming, supportive environment

  • Adding bollards in front of our high school office and cafeteria to ensure safety from vehicle traffic

  • Starting a kindness movement hoping that one small act becomes a chain reaction, through a powerful assembly in October called Rachel’s Challenge.  Rachel was the first victim in the Columbine school shooting.  Her family and friends share her remarkable story of spreading kindness prior to her unfortunate death. We strongly feel that preventative measures are the key to keeping our students safe!

  • Practicing a district-wide school evacuation drill where we will house our students in off-site locations.  

  • Changing our pick-up/drop-off procedures for families transporting their children.  We will no longer allow parent drop-off in the circle in front of the high school. The new traffic pattern will allow families to enter the drive between the staff and visitor parking.  Please drop off/pick up your child at the crosswalk in front of the high school. The elementary pick-up/drop off will not change.  However, everyone MUST use the crosswalks!

  • Adding school safety personnel to our daily school schedule.  This new role will patrol both school buildings and grounds during school hours.  

After all, school safety must be our priority so students feel safe to learn!

Our teachers will continue onward with curriculum mapping using the backward design model, which keeps student learning at the forefront.  You may notice some changes in teacher lessons because we are focused on keeping our students engaged during our lessons and connected to school.  We can’t do that unless we have motivating, engaging, and learner-focused lessons for our students. Most of our teachers’ professional learning time will be spent on this curriculum writing endeavor along with safety training.  

So let’s keep everyone’s buckets full, and do great things for our children, families, and community!  


Educationally Yours,

Dr. Michelle D. Hall

Superintendent, Central Fulton School District



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