Curriculum Overview

Welcome to the Curriculum Maps for Central Fulton School District. We appreciate your taking the time to view our maps and for valuing the education of our students. 

The rationale for mapping curriculum is so that teachers and students are able to intentionally focus on the core elements in each unit being studied. The additional benefit is both students and teachers knowing when those learning goals have been met.

Within each curriculum map, a planned sequence of instruction can be found. The subject for the curriculum map is presented as the title followed by the unit topic with a brief description of the unit. Each curriculum map has approximately 6-8 units per subject. Listed next is the pacing or expected amount of time the teacher anticipates spending on the unit. Other areas of focus in each unit are:

  • Content To Be Taught (Main Ideas)

  • Standards (Specific to the Pennsylvania Department of Education)

  • Vocabulary (Terms expected to learn during this unit)

  • Resources (Materials/Items used in this lesson)

  • Big Ideas (Overarching themes in the unit)

  • Essential Questions (Students should be able to answer these by the end of the unit)

  • Instructional Strategies and Activities (How the teacher will teach the unit/lesson)

  • Assessments (How the teacher will gauge whether the students have learned the unit/lesson)

  • Differentiation Options (Different ways the teacher will teach the lesson to help all students learn and understand the unit)