Brand Center 

Welcome the the brand center for Central Fulton School District.  Here you will find documents supporting our district's logo and associated fonts that comprise our brand identity. 

Our Spartan logo is a registered trademark with the state of Pennsylvania.  You may not use the logo without express written permission from the District.  To obtain permission, please use the form below. 

Use of Logo Permission Form 

Please note that all athletic teams, school-sponsored clubs, and official school organizations are permitted to use the logo without completing this form.  However, booster clubs, outside organizations, sports clinics, apparel manufacturers, etc, need to obtain permission.  All use must be in support of Central Fulton and in compliance with all District policies. 

When using the logo, please follow these guidelines:

  • Do not alter the image in any way, including rotation, flipping, or cropping.

  • The image should used in full color (blue and black) when practical.  

You can download the logo files from the links at the top right of this page.   


The fonts used in the "McConnellsburg Spartans" logo are as follows:

Both fonts can be downloaded from the links above. 


McConnellsburg Blue is defined as follows:

  • Pantone 300

  • CMYK = 100 / 63 / 7 / 0

  • RGB = 0 / 99 / 166

  • Hexidecimal = 0063A6

The black used as an accent color in the "M" in the spartan logo is standard, full black. 

Logo Files

You may download logo files from the links below.